Buying a Property

Your Guide to Buying a Cottage or Recreational Property

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Living in a vibrant urban area like Vancouver or Toronto has its perks, but sometimes you need a break from the concrete jungle. A cottage or recreational property can be your perfect getaway, offering tranquility,

Log Homes

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Log homes have a special appeal and an aesthetic that invites occupants to reconnect with nature. Living in a log home is something akin to 'art as an experience'. Log construction has evolved, from

Buy New or Resale?

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Buying a home can be an exercise in priorities and value. Homebuyers are inundated with different comparable properties, each having it's own value proposition. One predominant factor that more people are looking at is


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Purchasing property is never as simple as signing on the dotted line. Nor should it be. As much as we may want to move into our new homes quickly, there are certain steps put in

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