The OG Advertising Platform: Historical Newspapers of Victoria

By |2023-11-14T21:27:33+00:00March 4th, 2022|Historical Vancouver Island|

When it comes to advertising a home in Victoria, the mediums on which to do so are nearly endless.  Agents today can choose from social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and even TikTok (!),

Time Travel, Timelines, and a Timely Topic: Pemberton Memorial Operating Room

By |2023-11-14T21:27:50+00:00January 31st, 2022|Historical Vancouver Island, Pemberton Holmes in the News|

I think we can all agree that, given the hypothetical choice, we would most definitely prefer to have an operation done in 2022 as opposed to 1822. But is that fear warranted, or are

A Snowy Blast from the Past: Winter in Historical Victoria

By |2023-11-14T21:28:06+00:00January 5th, 2022|Historical Vancouver Island|

Exciting news! The forecast says our winter holidays shall be dusted with a layer of magical snow! And while this means snow angels, snowball fights and hot cocoa, what does it mean for after the

When our Ho(l)mes are far away: The letters that connect us all

By |2023-04-11T20:07:27+00:00November 10th, 2021|Historical Vancouver Island|

As our logo says, Pemberton Holmes was established in 1887. This date has given the family-run company time to not only amass an extensive history, but also to grow an archive of materials that

Thoughts During the Week of Commemoration of Vimy – April 2017

By |2018-06-01T18:29:33+00:00April 12th, 2017|Cultural Events, Historical Vancouver Island, Pemberton Holmes in the News|

As we commemorate a centenary of Canada’s coming of age at Vimy, in the midst of WW1, one of the more poignant thoughts that dominates the mind, sometimes missed, is the effect on those left

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